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sAME??? all right but just gavroche overall is perfect in the film like i really adore the second verse in look down they gave him because of how political it is asdlfkjsdh ahhh it’s so brick-accurate

it’s probably my favourite lyric change actually you really get a chill when you hear the little kid say “everyone’s equal when they’re dead” and I love how they just made him 100% more awesome and still kept the format of gavroche addressing the audience because he’s the only person that gets to break the 4th wall other than the finale

I also got properly punched in the gut during his death because the instrumental trill (?) of little people during that bit was so hollow and it still haunts me how frafeyrac tried and failed to reach for him like he did in look down as if he could just carry him on his shoulder again and waltz away from the awful awful reality

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